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Welcome to BrainBlend AI

At BrainBlend AI, we are more than a company. We are a team of dreamers that are dedicated to building simple, user-friendly AI content generation and automation that will completely change the way you create and interact with digital content. Our AI tools are designed to empower you, offering easy-to-use solutions that enhance your productivity.

Our tools


Meet your new AI-powered product description buddy. Give us images and details, and we'll give you captivating and SEO optimized product descriptions.

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Your go-to AI for social media. Create posts that engage and resonate, all with the help of cutting-edge AI.

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Adjust your text's tone on the fly. Whether you're aiming for professional or casual, our AI has you covered.

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Join BrainBlend AI and enhance your content creation process. Our AI tools are designed to improve your online visibility, simplify content creation, and help your message resonate more effectively. Sign up today to begin your path towards a more intelligent digital presence.

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DescribeIT - Your AI Product Description Generator | Product Hunt
PostIT - A go-to solution for engaging & tailored social media posts | Product Hunt

Choose Your Plan

Select the plan that best fits your needs.

Monthly Yearly

No Subscription


  • Up to 25 monthly generations
  • Up to 5k characters per generation where applicable
  • Choose between a professional, informative, or casual tone
  • Short content length output for product descriptions and social media posts

Basic Subscription

$15.00 / Month

  • Up to 250 monthly generations
  • Up to 15k characters per generation where applicable
  • Choose between the full list of 14 tones
  • Access to all content length output options: Short, Medium, Long

Pro Subscription

$25.00 / Month

  • Up to 500 monthly generations
  • Up to 35k characters per generation where applicable
  • Choose between the full list of 14 tones
  • Access to all content length output options: Short, Medium, Long

Our Services

Alongside tools for individuals and creators, we also offer specialized services for businesses seeking to develop custom AI solutions. Whether you're looking to automate processes, enhance customer interactions, or gain insights from your data, our team is equipped to bring your vision to life with cutting-edge AI technology.

AI Automation

Unlock the full potential of AI automation in your workflows. Our platform offers intuitive tools that streamline processes, reduce manual tasks, and enhance efficiency. Embrace the future of work with our AI automation services.

Client-Facing Chatbots

Engage your customers like never before with our client-facing chatbots. Powered by advanced AI, our chatbots provide personalized interactions, ensuring your clients receive the attention and care they deserve, anytime, anywhere.

Chat With Your Data

Transform your data into actionable insights with our AI-driven solutions. Chat with your data to get real-time answers and automate your data processes to make more informed decisions, faster and with greater accuracy.

And More

From predictive analytics to personalized customer experiences, our AI consultancy services are here to help you navigate the complexities of digital transformation. Let's innovate together.

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Your vision fuels our innovation. Let's collaborate and see how our AI solutions can transform your business into something truly remarkable.

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